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  April 24, 2014        

Four Hot Swap SATA II Drive RAID Aluminum Enclosure - sBOX-M


The DAT Optic sBOX-Mtm is a compact multiple Serial SATA (SATA) drives Metallic enclosure with multiple individual independent SATA Hot swap channels upto FOUR Drive with Multilane connection.

Our sBOX-Mtm offers FOUR (4) hot-swap bay with back-plane (cable-less) for more reliable connection, sBOX-Mtm - a compact multiple Serial SATA (SATA) drives enclosure features the latest Serial ATA II storage technologies and delivers unprecedented performance with cross-platform Macintosh, Linux and PC at 3.0Gbps per channelthru Multilane / Infiniband 4x connection SATA enclosure. sBOX-Mtm - a compact multiple Serial SATA (SATA) drives Metallic enclosure is compatible with 3Ware, Areaca, Promise, or High Point SATA II RAID / HBA host controllers.

Our sBOX-Mtm - is a compact multiple Serial SATA (SATA) drives is a plug and play enclosure fully support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1+0, RAID 5 or just JBOD.

Available and ready to ship, our sBOX-Mtm provides an essential solution and data rates to next-generation storage used in high-end applications, such as audio/video (A/V) editing. Our sBOX-Mtm offers full SATA II and ATA-7 speeds (3.0Gbps and 133MB/s, respectively), as well as software RAID 0, 1, 5 support in Win2K, XP or MAC OSx, which is critical for A/V applications.

Up to Four (4) Serial ATA or SATAII 3.5" HDD drives can be easily, quickly and reliably converted to plug-and-play, high speed RAID 0, high reliable RAID 0, or speed and reliable RAID 5.

Our sBOX-M offers a unique opportunity to continue to take advantage of the low cost SATA HDD while presenting high performance (3.Gbps), into the brand new and expanding SATA /SATA II market.

Original Price : $325.00
You  Save: $35
Price : $290.00


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  • Model: sBOX-M

  • Four independent Serial ATA / SATA II channels
  • 4x Multilane Host connection
  • OS independent
  • Rugged design, Hyper Speed

Package Contents:
• sBOX-M Enclosure
• 2 Meter Multilane Cable
• Hard Drive Tray Keys
• AC power cable
• User's Manual
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