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  December 17, 2014        

Mitsui White Inkjet Printable DVD-R 4.7GB 8X - DVR-IWMIT16X

MAM-A is the CD-R and DVD-R specialist in manufacturing. We produce a complete range of CD-R and DVD-R media, (once-only recordable discs) and hold a worldwide patent on one of the key components involved in the manufacturing process. MAM offers the highest-quality and most durable recordable media available. Offering a wide range of CD-R and DVD-R media, it is chiefly designed for professionals and industry specialists who need to store, distribute and duplicate data.

MAM USA has been in the CD-R and DVD-R manufacturing business since 1996, serving a worldwide network of corporations, end-users, resellers and OEM partners with only the highest quality recordable media products and services available. Products include: MAM Silver CD-R, Gold CD-R, Medical CD-R, Archive CD-R and DVD-R. By developing cost-effective and efficient products, MAM has established a reputation as a quality manufacturer in the recordable media industry. Through leading edge technology and intelligent marketing, MAM has become the most trusted name in CD-Recordable and DVD-R media. The Colorado facility boasts automated production lines operating 24 hours, 7 seven days a week.

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  • Model: DVR-IWMIT16X